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Early Voting Dates: February 20 - March 2

Primary Election Day: Tuesday - March 6


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  • CommUnity First Initiative: Bring community members, organizations, leaders, activist, and small business owners together to form a Congressional Community Advisory Council. The role of this council will be to create community based solutions for the growth and advancement of our communities.

  • Crime: Fight for legislation that makes all gun crimes federal offenses. The focus is to severely punish criminals and not legal gun owners. Support community initiatives that provide after school programs for our teens.


  • Economy: Work with labor unions to find solutions in filling in-demand skilled worker opportunities available in the community. Create an enviroment that promotes entrepreneurship and incentivizes companies to bring quality paying jobs and opportunities to our district.


  • Enviroment: Work with factories and refineries in our district to find solutions that minimizes pollutants and promotes good community stewardship.


  • Healthcare: Work to improve ACA (Obamacare) while fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare.


  • Immigration: Fight for common sense immigration reform that secures our borders, expedites deportation of criminals, and provides a path for legalization to undocumented immigrants who have proven to be model citizens.


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