Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress

"We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community... Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own."

-Cesar Chavez



My name is Pedro D. Valencia. As a Democrat, a Texan, and a proud American, I am running for the 29th Congressional District in our great state of Texas.


I know the importance of good government. My family migrated from Colombia to the United States to escape the violence and drug wars plaguing the country in the early 80's. We have made Texas our home and have resided here for over 35 years. I grew up in the 29th Congressional District, in the eastside of Houston, among the suburbs of North Shore and Channelview. I'm a proud graduate of North Shore Senior High School (Class of 1997). Today, I am a naturalized United States American citizen, I am a devoted husband, and I am the father of three beautiful children. I am also a small business owner and proud member of Lakewood Church, where I serve as an usher.


I like to work hard, and, wherever I am able, I like to lead people to do good things. I’ve served as an Assistant Vice President / District Manager of a national banking institution where I oversaw six banking locations and a staff of 60+ employees. I’ve been a general manager of an indirect wireless retailer, overseeing 17 retail storefronts and 200+ employees.


But I like to work in and amongst my neighbors, too. My community involvement includes being Vice President of my community HOA, being the President of the M.A.M.A. Foundation (a nonprofit that offers assistance to single mothers), being a previous board member of the City of Houston Anti-gang Taskforce, being a previous Board Member of the Baker Ripley Community Organization in the Gulfton community, and being a previous member of the Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce. I have often volunteered to serve with the Red Cross.


My volunteer experience also includes assisting at the annual Super Feast at the George R. Brown Convention Center. I assist at Neighborhood Centers Tax Offices. I help wherever I can at Lakewood Church with food drives, gift wrapping gifts for children in need, and Harvey relief efforts.


I was actively involved in independent Harvey relief efforts that included providing transportation for the elderly, assisting first responders in Meyerland and Mission Bend areas, providing search and rescue assistance in flooded areas, delivering food and supplies to various shelters and churches, helping at GRB and Gallery Furniture, and more.

I hope my brief bio tells you little about me and where I come from. Most importantly, my life’s story should tell what I'm not: a politician. I grew up in this district. I have known our current Representative since I was a child in elementary school. To this day I still remember him coming to our school to talk about saying no to drugs and all the great things he has done in our community. I have a lot of respect for this man and thank him for his lifelong contribution of serving and supporting our community throughout his 20+ years in office. Unfortunately, this is also why I am running against him.


Although I'm not a politician, I do follow politics. It’s clear most of the country, like myself, are fed up with career politicians. I feel congress should be term-limited. I don't believe many members of congress are ready to sign off on their own pink slips; if elected I promise to create, support, or endorse legislation that places term limits on all members of congress. Our current representative has fought long and hard for his constituents for over 20 years, but his battles of 20 years ago aren't the same battles of today. This is represented in the stagnation of growth in education, jobs, and median income in our district.


I think it’s time for fresh, new ideas and direction in our district. I think it’s time to have a representative that truly represents the people (not special interest groups). I believe in a bottom-up approach to making our district grow. I believe that we need to first invest in our children and in our community. Let's provide resources to assure our kids have a top-of-the-line playing field to later compete on a global stage. Let's make sure our communities have the resources to fight crime and poverty and the resources to provide job training and career development, so we can excel in the fields of choice. Let's make sure that our blue-collar workers are taken care of – not taken advantage of.


I've learned in my life that if you want to be truly successful, you must first believe in yourself and then go out and get it. Folks, nothing is going to change in our lives until we first become that change.


I ask for your support in this campaign. I ask for your support to be that change both here in our great city, but also in Washington. I know my attempt to take on an incumbent is a long shot, but I believe in my heart that this time the people's voice will trump money and career politicians. And I believe that “with God, all things are possible."


I am asking for your support. I thank you for any and all contributions.


Thank you and God Bless.


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